Monday, March 1, 2010

Caught in the middle

Two of my friends are fighting about something really stupid (YES! It's BOTH of you guys!) and I feel like I'm caught in the middle. I want to step back and tell them to deal with it themselves, but thats really hard because
1. One is ignoring the other until she tells but
2. She doesn't really know how too
3. I hate when they fight and I want them to get over it
4. They don't really realize how stupid they're being
5. I think they kinda need a moderater. unfortunately, thats me.
So basically what they're fighting about is 'Abby' said something about Anton and I (which I'll touch on later!) and Anton wanted her to say it but she couldn't think of how to. Like, she couldn't put it into words. So now Anton isn't talking to her. But she's being annoying because she seems kind of.... She has a slightly noncholant attitude over it all. That bugs me even though it really shouldn't.

So about me and Anton, the last time we really acknowledged our feelings for each other was a while ago. I can't exactly remember how we got on the topic but we realized that even though we have been trying to move on (it would be so much better for both of us!) we had actually been moving backwards and it we were more into each other than before.

So yeah.
Life is a bitch.
So is the ginger.
She gets so upset when we tease her about the corrolation between red hair and a hot temper but then she goes and flips a bitch at the smallest things. I freakin HATE it! And she is a compulsive liar, most likely. She's a walking contradiction. It's so annoying.

So today in photography I asked Carmen if she could get me some booze becaused Kyle was being busy outside of school and I got sick of waiting.

Also, today my BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD EVER came over to my house! I hadn't seen her in forever and it was so fun! First she came and visited my school and John flirted with her even though she's totally not in to him ("I think of him as a little brother!") and then we went to my house and played around in my room and sniffed markers and I gave her stuff I got in Costa Rica and it was very fun. Then my dad dropped us off at Dulcetti Gelato (it's in that little shop placeby ninth and 21st with Este's Pizza [also recomended!] and the game place. It is in the same building as the Tea Grotto. GO THERE! IT'S AMAZING!) and we ate Gelatto and ran into someone last years Middle School class had met. He was a poet and even though he had some sort of brain disease he was very smart and friendly. So we sat and chatted for a while and then we walked home. On the way back, I had to help her with boy problems. Which is not at all my area of expertise. So we got home and we played around a little more and then I made the best fried rice EVER! actually I cut up the veggies and ham and I stirred the rice. But thats okay! It was amazing! And then we ate and I had to take her home. It was vey sad, but at least we got like two hours together! =]

So I am going to advertise Anton's blog because he's trying to get more followers, and even though I don't have very many and I'm sure most of you already do, I'll be nice =]
it's awesome.

So I shall try to keep you updated on my crazy life! haha
I love you all!

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