Friday, March 19, 2010

Stupid stupid sister.

She is looking over my shoulder as I write this. I fucking hate her. She should litterally go die. She is telling me that I'm a stupid whore and (since she looked away)it actually kinda hurts. Like, I know that she's just a stupid asshole but when she calls me stupid... I dunno. I'm used to the whore part though. I get that all the time from her and my parents haha.

But whatver. I'm chatting with my Chan on Facebook now and I love her so much! <333333333333 I met her at wrockstock III (I'm such a geek!) and we kinda have become pretty close. She has the biggest heart EVER!

I really should be doing my homework but instead I'm blogging, listening to Adam and browseing Facebook. :) I should though cuz I wanna go to Rene's!!!!
Speaking of which I am going to talk to her about that. There was never a really formal invitation or anything for me so I just wanna double check and see....

Yeah so I'm really tired and I wanna kill that fucking bitch of a sister and that fucking bitch of a sister. sigh......

I love you!

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