Thursday, March 11, 2010

Damn. Ha

I stayed home sick today. Sore throat and aching everywhere, even though the aching would probably due to a number of things that aren't sickness (falling out of trees, falling down stairs, volunteering to be the goalie in soccer, etc.)

So this afternoon I was talking to Rene (who I love with my whole fucking heart! By the way...) about Leslie and Rene called her and they talked for a long time then I called Rene and we talked for a bit. Rene told me that Leslie had pretty much said that she felt like she had to leave Realms behind to go to her new school which I kind of get but kind of not really... I don't know. Ha

My sister is so annoying and I want to kill her face off. I have a really bad headache and she wont shut the fuck up.

Sorry for the short post but I can't think. And my father is making me get off so Liz can check her email. Which is stupid. But whatever. Ha.

I guess I'll just go until they tell me to get off again.

So I'm kind of worried about Anton. Whenever I ask him if he's ok he says he is but I'm wierd and stuff so I never believe him anymore.

So I gotta go now.
I love you all!

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