Monday, March 8, 2010

Movie reviews

Percy Jackson and the Olypians; the Lightning Thief
directed by Christopher Columbus (directing: So easy a dead guy can do it!)
And I wouldn't be surprised if it had been directed by a dead guy, with that kind of quality. If it hadn't been based off the book it would have been ok. I mean, the main objective (to get the master blot back) and kinda the same places (the Lotus Hotel, Medusa's lair, Yancy Acedemy, etc.) The only good thing about it was that Percy and Luke were absolutely delicious. The special effects and the script were total crap. So my suggestion would be to not read the book or not see the movie, but don't do both. Not worth the $8.

Alice in Wonderland
directed by Tim Burton (best director alive!)
I loved this movie, up until the end. The special effects were amazingly anazing and the plot was kinda ok and the script was pretty good too. So some of my friends are saying they wont see it because it doesn't follow the book but it's NOT SUPPOSED TO! it's like a sequel, even though there already is one. It's an alternate ending, sorta. So here is why I didn't like the ending and if you haven't seen it I may suggest skipping to the Dr. Horrible review.
1.Alice and Johnny should have gotten together. There was all this wasted sexual tension, even though the hatter was gay (but he thought Alice was a guy so thats sort of ok, right? haha)and he's like 50 and she's like 17.
2. Helena should be queen. Instead of going with the rules of monarchy, the former queen and king of Underland gave the crown to the prettier ditzy freak of a sister as opposed to the eldest. The only reason Helena was so fucked up and was all about killing people is because she had shitty parents.
3.Seriously? SERIOUSLY? okay, she comes out of Underland and suddenly she becomes some brilliant successful genius. The only reason she knew about the trading route the China was because she listened to her father when she was little. She is diffinately not assistant-manajer of a whole trading company.
4. to the butterfly at the end; can you say FAKE? Like, you create all of Underland but you can't add a butterfly in? Wow.
5.When Mia Wasikowska says "curiouser and curiouser" it totally ruined the line. It was so unenthusiastic. (I suppose this isn't in the end, but I thought I'd throw it in anyway =])
So it was really good till the end. And yes, Tim Burton is still one of my favorite directors. =]

Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog
Directed by Joss Whedon (My other favorite director!)
Oh so amazing. Five stars. Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion all have really amazing voices and they are all perfect in their roll. Neil plays the mad scientist Dr. Horrible who has "a PhD in horribleness" who falls in love with a girl who he sees at the laundromat (Penny, played by Felicia Day) In the begining the only thing seperating them (other then the lack of speaking) is that she works with the homeless and he is on an evil quest to impress Bad Horse and get into the Evil League of Evil. However things get a tad more complicated, when he is on a heist to obtain Wonderflonium in order to complete his freeze ray, He inadvertantly puts Felicia in danger. Then his arch nemesis, Captian Hammer (played by Nathan Fillion) shows up and "saves" her. The hero always gets the girl, so, naturally, Felicia and Nathan hook up. Felicia and Neil become good friends, but Neil still wants more. Now I will stop because I don't want to give anything away, just that the ending is so unexpected and it makes me cry every time.

So I only half recomend Percy Jackson, but you should probably wait until it comes out in the dollar theaters.
I highly recomend Alice and I think it's amazingly epic in 3D (even though I hate3D)
If you do not see Dr. Horrible I may have to set Bad Horse on you.


  1. Pshh, The Mad Hatter is AMAZING. A freak you are not. =)

  2. Hey good luck with the blog, I look forward to reading more.

    All the best

  3. i havent seen any of those but i know the boy that plays Percy Jackson is hot hehe!

  4. urgh percy jackson is my fav book series ever and i was so excited to see the movie and then i watch it and im just like im gonna cry. they really need to rremake it, but i totally agree it would be good on its own. luke and percy r way delicoius