Sunday, March 28, 2010

Too much

So I only have a little time to cover a LOT

part one: Leslie
We talked. She made me promise to get help but I am kinda confused. I mean, I know what she means I just.... I don't really trust anyone who doesn't already know. So I can't get more help then I have. Or rather, I'm just scared to.

Part two: Carmen
I was getting my hair done yesterday (3 hours and it looks GORGEOUS! by the way....) and she texted me and she was saying that she thinks she's going to break up with Sam. I'm REALLY nervous though because the night before that she told me that if she didn't have a girlfriend she would ask me out. But we've still been flirting al day :)

Part three: Pants
this really isn't that big, but today I was out shopping and I saw this guy wearing these pants.... They were so horrible they made me want to die.

Part four: Anton
I can't stop thinking about him. It's driving me insane. I really want to be able to move on but everytime I go forward a bit I do something to remind me of him or he says something so perfect.... It's making me crazy!

Part four: school
I'm REALLY getting behind. I might fail math because I totally spaced it on this HUGE project but I did it really quickly afterward and emailed it to my teacher so I don't know if she'll be nice or not :-/ My parents, this morning, made me redo this other big project that I've been working on because they're assholes. On the bright side they wont make me go back to this school next year because they think it'd be a huge waste of money, which it would. They don't want me to go to my school of choice either, and they're thinkning about this really nice school with lots of cute boys ;) and not lots of homework. I want to shadow there first.

Part five: Sister
She is kicking me off the computer, so bye!
Lots of love,

p.s. I will post more on all of this when I'm not so pressed for time!

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