Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I didn't get much sleep last night and I'm really incredibly pissed at everyone, especially the ginger.
And it's really fucking cold. Which doesn't help.
So I had a lot to say, but then I forgot it all.

So I'll start by summing today up. Or actually, I should start with last night.
Or maybe a couple weeks ago.... Thats when it really started I guess....

So I sent a girl in my class ('Cindy' hahaha) a link to my blog a couple weeks ago. It was a weird thing to do and I kinda regretted it at first, but then she was really cool about the whole thing and such. So yeah, I'm glad I told her. =]

Then last night I was trying to cut a little star into my palm right under my thumb (isn't that called the padding of the thumb or something like that? I think it is....) and I had gotten one and a half points done and I decided not too. I cut it lightly though, so I hope it goes away even though I may have accidently gotten ink in it. Thats ok though, right? Ha I hope so! So anyway we had PE and my class was playing basketball and I got the ball thrown right into my cut and my hand so hit by several running boys. And now it really hurts. Then I had photography and we were doing action shots. I had to hang and drop from several things, and the bandaids I had put on it had pretty much come off. So I had to hide my hand until I got home and could pu tnew ones on.

Anyways I walked to Smith's with Suzie and it was really fun. That was the first time I had been with her one-on-one kinda thing and it was nice =]

So I had other things to say too about friends who piss me off and stuff but.... Ha I am forgetful. So yeah.


Ha so things with me and Anton aren't getting much better. I mean, if it were a realistic possibility, it would be getting better, but it's not so they're kinda getting worse. Today I took a nap and had him give me a wake-up-call. I could have chosen someone else but I kinda just wanted to hear his voice....
I know it's not good but.... I don't know.

So sometimes I go through these weird 'I'm not good enough' phases, and.... two nights ago? I think it was. So two nights ago, someone told me I seemed to say I liked Anton more than I really acted like. Which really made me feel like shit because I actually love him more than I could possibly say, and I thought maybe I wasn't being the best friend or anything. But then I kinda talked to her and I forgave her and now I'm ok again.

Haha I really have nothing more to say, or maybe I can't think of it.
So yeah.
love you!

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