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I promise this will be my last post today!
So, Chan is an avid HP fan and she decided to write a letter to Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) and it really touched me and it kinda tells her story. So here it is.

Dear Evanna,

You started out like myself just a Harry Potter book fan and because you just happened to be one you got soething amazing out of it. You got a chance to play Luna Lovegood and show everyone just how incredible she truly is. But I am writing to you as a fellow book fan, in hopes that maybe you will truly appreciate how the story itself can affect someone’s life in so many ways and help them see the gifts they have with in themselves.
I hope you get the chance to read this letter. I would like you to know how important and meaningful you and everyone involved with the Potter world of how Harry Potter and his journey have so positively changed my life. I have read each book and seen every movie more times than one person alone can count. I know Harry’s story and now I write to you to tell you my story.
You might say I have lived a life very similar almost parallel to Harry’s. A child born into a family that rather drink and use drugs than take care of a child with Cerebral Palsy. Only seeing my outward appearance rather than the human being I truly am.
In and out of seven different foster homes for eight years and rarely feeling like I belonged there wishing for a family who would love me. And having the world see me in the ways, people saw Luna.
In and out of seven different foster homes for eight years and rarely feeling like I belonged there wishing for a family who would love me.
Almost six years ago, I was living with a Mormon family, which in my view were like the Weasleys. I was the oldest of five kids and instead of thinking of me as just a ‘foster child‘, they thought of me as their oldest. The feeling was wonderful, they actually loved me treated me as a family should.
Acacia the second oldest down, she looked up to me I was her role was odd because I had never been anyone's role model before. We were the best of sisters and friends, one day I was listening to my music in my room, when she approached me with the first Harry Potter book and said with great excitement, “You have to read this!” I looked at the book thinking a children's book? I'll read it just to make her happy. Not knowing that nine months from that point the best family that had ever graced my life would be moving and causing me to have to go to other home and mirroring the boy's life that I was reading about.
The night they dropped me off at my new place of living, I was quite heartbroken but held my head up high in efforts to make the best of it. I told my new foster mother of my likes and things about me. I told her that I liked the Harry Potter books. However, instead of being supportive she forced her Christian beliefs down my throat. Then realising that in a way I was placed in the “Dursleys“. From that day on I was forever told how wicked and defiant I was for reading the Harry Potter books and watching the movies. I would escape inside one of the books or movies to block the abuse, putting myself in the stories.
In those moments I felt alone even more so when my foster mother told me that I was always going to be awkward and it was okay that God made me that way His plan for me was to always remain alone. Being so young and impressionable I believed that God was that cruel that I was meant to spent the rest of my days alone. Not realising that the Harry Potter series was His way of showing me that wasn't the truth that He did and still truly loves me. Almost two years later shortly after that my foster family went to see Lord of The Rings because the series had been written by a Christian writer, I later found out that JK. Rowling, writer of the Harry Potter series is a firm Christian believer as well.
There did come a time when the abuse became unbearable, escaping did not work anymore, and when that happened I thought about resorting to suicide. Thinking that was my only escape from the abuse and misery. Have losing all hope, I sat at the bathroom sink holding the razor in my hand and completely prepared to do what I planned to do. One simple thought changed my motives. Would Harry do this? Would he be where I am right now ready to end it all because life had gotten too hard for him? No, he would not because he is a strong, brave, and determined person. His life is worst than mine in some cases but he finds the strength to fight through it no matter how hard things get for him. I am just as strong, brave, and determined as Harry is so why am I doing this? I dropped the razor and left the bathroom.
The books and movies has been put in my life for a reason and whatever that reason is I am eternally grateful for it.
JK Rowling and you have both inspired me to do what I love most that is to write. You are one of my biggest role models and inspirations.
The probability of me meeting you and getting to thank you in person is not very big. So telling you in a letter is the best way I have to tell you and biggest honour I will ever have. I truly hope that this letter does not end up in the slush pile of letters. From one fan to another.

Sincerely Yours,

I love her! :)
and you! :)

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