Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I just spent like, $7 on a huge thing of jellybeans and I've eaten about one fourth. Haha I'm a fatty :P

So on to less-happy subjects.
Like my ex.

So he messaged me on Facebook and while talking to him, I realized there were a couple reasons I broke up with him. Some are good, like the whole he was pushing me to have sex the day he learned my name thing, but there were also bad reasons. Like peer pressure. He was the new freshman, and he was like, the ulimate target for ridicule and hate.
So I felt really bad for that and I decided to be nicer to him since he really has no friends at my school. I really have no plans to get back with him, but he seems to want to. So today in photography he was flirting with me like crazy. And I really don't want to hurt him (or anyone. Ever. Ha) so I had a plan to tell him that I had a boyfriend. He would never find out that I was lying and it would be easier then hurting him. And I would only have to pretend to the end of the year. So thats my plan. Thoughts?

So I'm really iffy on Carmen right now.... She is still kinda with Noah (asshole) and still kinda with Sam (her girl in rehab) and she's been really flirty with me lately.... I don't know.

I want to get over Anton. I want to be able to move on and stop hurting both of us. It's really hard though because he is too amazing and funny and sweet.... *sigh*

What else is new?
Oh yeah.

I've been really missing Leslie lately. A few nights ago I was crying and I couldn't stop so I called Rene but she didn't answer and normally then I would have tried Leslie but..... I don't know. I guess I just realized that I should stop bothering her or whatever. Then when I went to see Alice I went to the theater by her house and I remember the first time I was there I went with her and then we had gotten Red Bull and it was my first time having it so it REALLY affected me so we went to the top of the multi-level above-ground parking thing and ran around and ate donut holes and had so much fun. And the last time I had been with her we went to see Valentine's day but I had seen it the day before too so she didn't feel so bad when we had to leave early and miss the ending. I really miss her....

But whatever. Some friends come and go. I just wish i didn't have to loose her...
Ugh. I'm crying now. Haha

It's really cold here. I kinda sorta want to go back to Esterillos.... I got soooo sunburnt.

I'm really falling behind on homework.... I've got like an F in LA which sucks because thats normally my best subject. The only thing I'm getting A's in are Ashley's classes because he doesn't care that much and Spanish because it is waaaaay to easy.

I guess I should actually do something now.... Maybe? Ha I'm probably going to end up browsing the internet with absolutely no purpose... Haha
I love you all very much!
Thanks to my new followers :)

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