Monday, March 8, 2010


Sorry I didn't post! My stupid father told me he'd changed my password when he really didn't so I could've but I thought I couldn't. But whatever. I'm posting now.

I do nothing all day other then watching 'Shaun the Sheep' and doing laundry and yelling at my parents.

Carmen and I are texting and somehow we start talking about relationships and she tells me that her girlfriend got sent to rehab and they wont be able to see eachother for at least a month.
For hours I am debating whether or not to tell her that I kinda have feelings for her. Anton was my support group =] So I basically just told her and crossed my fingers. Then she said she'd liked me since the play (Dracula VS The Wolfman-we were both in it) so that went good =]
Then, as if to make my attitude even better I went to see Percy Jackson and the Olypians* for the first time with a girl who is basically like my younger sister minus the fighting and a really close friend.

I go up skiing. It has been snowing almost all week up there and it was snowing yesterday too so there was SO MUCH powder! It was absolutely AMAZING! And then life gets even BETTER when I get invited to see ALICE IN WONDERLAND*!!!!!!!! I've been sooooo stoked for that movie since.... Forever. Haha i absolutely ADORE Tim Burton and Johnny Depp is gorgeous in this movie (yes, I know I'm a freak) and I absolutely love Helena (I don't know how to spell her last name.... bonam-carter? Bonnem-Carter? Either way, she's and amazing actress. haha). So then I went home and hung out with my dad and sister and we watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog* which they were seeing for the first time but it was my third so I was litterally singing along and it pissed my sister off. So it was really fun :)

I wake up feeling awesome, then I get to school and everybody starts to get on my nerves. So yeah, school makes amazing stuff be bad. My teacher is a bitch, my classmates are incredibly stupid and the only thing that keeps me going is
1. Someday they'll all die
2. I am leaving next year

So yeah.... ha my life is odd. And I have no more to say here so goodbye!

*I'll do another post on that

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