Saturday, March 20, 2010


I am. Very very very much so.
I got really pissed at my parents today cuz they were being assholes, but then my mother called 'John' and 'Kyle' little shits and I forgave her :)

I told Spencer (the ex) that I had a boyfriend last night. He was flirting with me and I think he was about to ask me out again and I panicked and told him that Anton was my boyfriend (I wish! hahaha) but I guess he forgave me kinda because he's still talking to me. Probably looking for a chance or something. Hahaha

My doggy is being really smelly today! Bleh! But he got a hair cut yesterday so he looks FABULOUS! hahaha I love that word.

So I am finding everything very funny right now because I'm so tired. I've been in this state for a couple days now. I *really* should get more sleep. Thats ok though :)

Oh yeah!
I went skiing on Thursday. The snow was shitty and my boots were killing me and my instructor was a creeper, but it was still incredibly fun! After lunch I went out with a group of people but I was the highest skill level and I knew the resort best but I kinda accidently lead them down a really steep hill with a bunch of moguls. whoops! haha they lived though =]

Ok, my posts have been really bad lately. i need to think of something to make it better. hmmmm..... maybe not being so insanely tired when I do? that may make them not so.... sounding like I'm on drugs or something. hahahaha my brain is pretty much gone right now.

heeheehee my dad just put his hat on the dog.... he's a cutie!!!! my dog... not my dad... hahahaha

ok. ugh. I may go sleep. or I may go.... something. Probably something.
I love you!

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