Monday, February 8, 2010


Sorry for letting you down. Sorry for breaking your heart. Sorry I'm not trying hard enough. Sorry I can't help you. Sorry I've done wrong. Sorry I can't let you go. Sorry I wont move on. Sorry I'm such a bad daughter, sister, friend. Sorry I make you worry. Sorry I make you scared. Sorry you care. Sorry I've lied. Sorry I cared.

Sorry I can't be perfect. Sorry thats what you deserve. Sorry I keep on letting you down. Sorry I can't be better. Sorry I wont. Sorry I try. Sorry for wanting to be someone else. Sorry I can't be you. Sorry I'm miserable. Sorry I make you cry. Sorry I make you laugh. Sorry you are helpless. Sorry I can't get you out of my mind. Sorry I'm dragging you down.

Sorry that I hope. Sorry that I love. Sorry I wish. Sorry I can't help it. Sorry I don't want to. Sorry it makes you sad. Sorry it lets you down. Sorry I can't look back. Sorry my future is black. Sorry I'm scared. Sorry I'm confused. Sorry I'm hurt. Sorry I'm angry. Sorry I felt good. Sorry you couldn't. Sorry I didn't help.

Sorry for life. Sorry for death. Sorry for the past. Sorry for the future. Sorry for what is happening now. Sorry for everything in between. Sorry for ruining it for you. Sorry for getting in the way. Sorry for backing out. Sorry for my mistakes. Sorry I let you go. Sorry I held on. Sorry for the empty promises. Sorry for getting your hopes up. Sorry for letting you down. Sorry I let everybody down.

Sorry for everything.


  1. whats the point of this? im not trying to be mean but i just wanna know.