Thursday, February 11, 2010


These are just random poems I wrote. I would like if you would comment and tell me what you think. Thanks dears!

Please forget me.
Please just let me fade.
Please let go of me.
Please don't remember.
Sorry I'm terrible to you.
Sorry I made you care for me.
Sorry I couldn't stop hurting you.
Sorry I pulled you back.
Sorry I'm an awful person.
Now the cuts run too deep.
Now that it's too late I talk.
Now the words flow from pen to page.
Now I give up. Give in. Give away.
If I died would you care?
If you did, I know I would.
If the time comes, who chooses?
If it's you, would you pick me?
If you don't I may as well die.
Forget. Fade. Release. Leave. Break.

Those People
There are the people
who you hear about on the news.
The ones who died
and nobody notices they're gone.
There are the people
Who you see on the TV
the ones who said goodbye
and put a bullet in their skull.
There are the people
who you hear gossip about.
The ones who hate everything.
With self-inflicted scars al over.
Then you stop and think.
Who will cry when you're gone?
Such morbid thoughts
are all I think about recently.
The worst part
is that they will care
they will notice and cry.
I will cause just as much pain in death.

Sinners go to hell?
Then that's where I'll go.
I don't believe, but I can tell
in heaven my face wont show.

It's what gives.
It's what takes.
It's all a joke.
Joke's on you.

Random thoughts...

Blind sighted
What do you see in me?
What about me makes you care?
I know I seem scared, confused.
I put up these walls to keep you safe.
I close all the windows to my soul.
I lock all the doors to my mind.
But I left my poor heart unprotected.
You've all gotten in, and broken your piece.
But I picked up all the parts, pretend to be ok.
Healing is hard when wounds don't close.
I can't believe i'm still in love with you.
You are the reason I breathe, why I'm blind.
So here's what's left of my heart
Will you promise to be careful please?

yeah... the end! comment and say what you think! Be honest too, I don't care :)


  1. Dude, I love these poems, particularly 'Those People', 'Blind sighted' and 'Random Thoughts'. You should write more. :)