Saturday, February 13, 2010


...Is good. I'm kinda pissed at people who are judging me and being assholes, but there will always be people like that so what can I do?

I shadowed at a highschool yesterday. I really liked it, and I think I'll go there next year. :) I still have to check out other schools or my parents will be pissed :(

So, I know I make it seem like my life is awful but the point of this blog is to be able to say stuff I normally wouldn't. I know I have it pretty good, clean clothing, food, a family and friends.

But the reason I say this stuff here is because this blog was created so I could VENT about stuff. which would mean most of this stuff is negative.

If you are going to get pissed at me or judge me, don't read this. Honestly, if you do, you're not exactly one I would want to keep close.

I know this is coming across as bitchy, but I'm done with the hateful comments. Say what you want, I'm not going to change.

So, now I'm off my soap box. Sorry for that.

I love you all!


  1. Then why are you telling people to hate you? That doesn't seem like venting to me.

  2. By the way, none of the comments were hateful, either. They were trying to make you aware of what you're saying and doing, and what your impact on everyone else is.

  3. Um... The comments were rather mean. Yeah, they are just trying to show their point of view, but they weren't very nice. There are better ways to say what they were trying to say.

    And, she doesn't want people to hate her, she just feels like thats what she deserves. No one wants to be hated. It's not nice. She wants to you be able to look past it all and still say that you love her for who she is. Work on fixing the problems together rather then point them out even more.

    I love you Missy. :)

  4. Oh dearest! I love you ever so much....

  5. Thank you! I love you ever so much as well, and YOU NEED TO GET YOUR DAMN PHONE BACK.

  6. Love her for who she is, or who she's turning in to? I understand that she's happy, and that this is just a venting blog, but if all she's saying is true, it doesn't feel worth it. If she treats herself like that, maybe she /doesn't/ deserve our friendship. I'm very against abuse, both verbal and physical, even if it's against yourself.

  7. you know what, if you don't want to love me thats fine with me. If you don't accept every part of me, then you're not worth it, to be quite honest. Nobody is making you stay, and if you're going to treat me this way, I wont want you to.

  8. Despite the misinterpretation, it's a deal!

  9. You people should shut up. Say something helpful. Don't hurt her when she's already hurting. You are just making it worse. God damn! If you don't like abuse, "verbal or physical," than don't do abuse her with words. You are hurting her. Keep it to yourself. Tell her you just can't be friends. Don't say she doesn't deserve our friendship. She needs it more than anything now. She's opening up, and put herself in a vulnerable spot, stop making her want to close up again. That will just cause bigger problems in the long run.
    Okay, I'm sorry. That was kind of mean. I don't mean it to be. But you are hurting my friend, wether intentional or not, I just don't think it is very nice. I think you should think of nicer things to say. Or at least nicer ways to say what you would like to say. Again, I'm sorry if this comes across as mean, that is not my goal.

  10. It's not mean, it's the truth. If they're going to treating me like shit and then saying I'm not worth they're 'friendship' well, I hope it's a good thing. I'm actually ok with them saying this, because it just shows how stupid they are.