Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy president's day

PLEASE STOP WITH THE MEAN COMMENTS! I know at least one of you think that they aren't rude, but I don't know what else to call it when somebody calls me a 'stupid attention-deprived chlid who just wants to brag.'

So other then REALLY hating a couple of my readers, I'm pretty good.
Yesterday I spent the day skiing, watching Southpark and playing Wii with my friend. At first I thought it would be miserable, but it turns out she changes around different people. She's insanely annoying at school, but when it's just us, she's really nice.
Today I went and saw Valentine's day (again) with my BEST FRIEND who I hadn't seen in FOREVER! It was amazingly fun!

Things are even going pretty good with my parents, but I doubt I'll forgive them until I get my phone back... My sister is as annoying as ever....

I'm very sleep-deprived since I spent most of last night crying, then I had to get up way too early.

Tomorrow school starts again.... I'm SO not excited for that.
I'm listening to good music though, so thats totally a plus :)

I love (almost) all of you!

p.s. ASK QUESTIONS! please? *puppydog face*


  1. aww... why were to up crying?

  2. cuz I'd read a sad book and it made me think about death and stuff...