Monday, May 3, 2010

one quick post

I have like, no time because I'm drowning in homework but I decided to post super quickly anyways. So, sorry if my spelling and grammar and whatnot sucks its cuz I don't have time.

SO today I was going to hang out with Quin after school. but that fell throuhg. now im at home. :(

Rees told me today that Charmen isn't dating realms kids anymore or something and I want to know if it's rue or not but I don't want to ask her. She was really @#!*% about something today and I told her that I was sorry because I'm kinda awful to her and I hurt her a lot and I hate myself for it and she says it's ok but I still hate myself.

I've been trying to be more positive lately and it kinda hurts but thats ok. I'm kinda sorta sure that it will be ok in the long run. But maybe not. Because optismism and positivness suck. A lot.

I found this really cool site for writers called so check it out if you want it's really fun and neat and such :)

I'm gonna go do homework now sorry for wasting your time! :)
Love love love!

P.S. Today is this blog's three month anniversery thingy! haha :)

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