Friday, May 7, 2010

Fuck off!

I am in such a bad mood right now.

Me and Pat talked today and he asked me if we were still together and I said no. Three hours later I see him with another chick. Ok, I'll admit I knew he just wanted to get in my pants and he didn't really care about me and he was probably cheating on me the whole fucking time but you know what? I didn't give a fuck and I told everybody I had a reason-any reason-to be with him but I didn't. Hell, I even lied to myself. He didn't have to go and fucking flaunt it in my face that I'm so easily replaced. I already fucking knew that.

And also Anton totally betrayed me. I told him something I had told only one person. I tol dhim how scared I was and I told him how stupid I was and how much I really truly do regret it, and what does he do? He flips a bitch at me and tells me how stupid I am. I ALREADY FUCKING KNEW THAT! I told him to fuck off.

I know
I know I'm stupid
I know I'm hurting you
I know I'm hurting myself
Quit making it sound like I don't have a fucking heart.

Jesus. I'm so pissed right now. I want to kill someone. I'm probably going to end up breaking down later.

Good bye.

(An extra note to Anton-fuck you.)


  1. Cate...
    Just slow down. Take things one at a time.
    You're not stupid. Just lost and confused and scared or whatever, I suppose. I doesn't matter.
    Just stop taking it all on you. Yes you could probably have done things different. But who cares? It's happened. We all my mistakes. We regret them, but it's a waste of time. It's nothing now, you can't change whatever has happened.
    Anton is mad but so what. He's probably just worries that he's losing a friend.
    I don't really know you, we were never really close, and this isn't really helpful... But don't blame yourself. Even if it's your fault. It does nothing for anyone for you to be sad and angry about something you can't change.

    :) eventually.

  2. thank you anonymous. for seeing things my way =)

  3. And Anton, you wont loose me I promise :) <3