Friday, May 7, 2010

Art box

I am not a happy camper. and I don't wanna work. at all.

I feel bad
For lying
For cheating
For making stupid decisions.
For fucking everything up.
For being such a bitch.
For taking everything for granted
For being so fucking awful about every fucking thing

I feel like such a bitch to Pat and Rene and Leslie and Anton and Elsa and Carmen and AAAAAAAGH!!!!

I hate being open to people because then I hurt them. Always. I hate dissapointing people and I always do because everybody excpects so much from me and I can't give them what they want. I am not fucking perfect. Stop expecting me to be amazing. You'll just be let down because I am not amazing. I'm just me.

I want to erase the past. I want to give up. I want it to STOP!

I hate myself
I hate myself
I hate myself

I can't handle this.

I fucking hate myself.

I don't want to cry in class.
I just wan to curl up and die.

I'm going to go.... work? Or something.

So yeah. Bye.

And we're talking about yak guts and squeezing brains.
How hard would it be to drain all your spinal fluids?
dimples on a gimp?

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