Friday, April 2, 2010

mostly boys =]

I apologizzed to Anton for overreacting like I did, but I don't think it was all my fault he wont apologize too, but whatever. Other wise, things are going good. We are both pretty happy right now and I'm just waiting for something bad to happen. I'm way too pessimistic haha.
Lots of guys like me and I really don't like any of them. It's very annoying. On the bright side I think I just really pissed the most annoying one off =D Haha I'm a terrible person :)
HOWEVER there is one that I do like and he told me he liked me too and if he new me better then he would ask me out. I'm kinda scared though because last year he went out with Leslie and most of that relationship was basically her wanting to break up with him. And he's the kind of guy who thinks he needs a girlfriend.... IDK! I'm crazy :)
who else....
OH YES! My celeb crush
Yes, I realize he's gay but adam lambert is beautiful :)

Like I said I'm really pessimistic. I keep excpecting everything to crash.
"The only way to know how high you get me, is to see how far I fall."
-heartbreak warfare, John Mayer

It's really hot in the computer lab.
love you all!

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