Friday, April 9, 2010

Ski day and such :)

I went skiing today. I met some awesome people on the lifts like an 81 year old who skis black diamonds and shit . It was awesome. Then there was this kid, who wasn’t actually a kid because he was like my age-ish but whatever, who was funny as hell . Then there was this gay couple and they were sooooooo cute! Of course, gay couples are always cuter then straight ones

So yesterday I was listening to 'Hallelujah' by Rufus Wainwright and that song always makes me feel... Something. I don't quite know. It's kinda creepy, kinda sad, I don't even know. Either way, I ended up listening to incredibly sad songs like 'Concrete Angel' by Mellissa McBridge and 'Alyssa Lies' by Jason Michael Carroll and 'Whiskey Lullaby' by Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss which both have child-abuse themes and 'Scarecrow' by Mellissa Ethridge, which is about Matthew Shepard*. Basically I ended up bawling. But the weird thing was, even when I knew I should stop I kept listening to the songs over and over again.....

But I'm okay-ish now.

AAH! LESLIE JUST SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME! She's in Hawaii right now (oh I am sooooooo jealous) and she was texting me and saying she had "just got a long amazing kiss from a very very cute guy" She has a boyfriend who isn't with her so I kinda freaked a little. Not that I think She would cheat on Chance 'cuz he's a cutie :) Then she told me he was 32 and I was like 'oh she's lying' but she wasn't. She actually did kiss a guy who is 32. He's a dolphin.

I have more more more to say but I'm REALLY tired right now and my face is dead because the sun is an ass so yeah.


p.s. This post was supposed to be up yesterday but my dad installed this bullshit program and I can't be on the internet after ten. It's really stupid and annoying. but now it is here! :)

*October 12, 1998, homosexual Matthew Shepard accepted a ride home from a bar from two strangers. These strangers had set out that night to rob and murder a homosexual. They beat him with the butt of a gun, then tied him to a fence with his own shoelaces. They left him for dead. After being rushed to the emergency room it was announced that he was dead on October 16. The men were convicted.

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