Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pear juice

is quite lovely.

UGH! I'm totally PMSing right now. this morning I woke up in a kind of blah mood, then I got totally pissed at Anton for absolutely no reason, then I went into my depressed mood, then I became really happy and ever since I've been switching randomly from pissed to happy.

There is something I really want to post but due to someone who reads this blog I can't :'( it's big though. And AMAZING!

Adam Lambert is pretty :D
haha I'm listening to the Adam Lambert channel on Pandora. He's yummy. This verse is perfect.

"it's plain to see that baby you're beautiful. and there's nothing wrong with you. It's me. I'm a freak. But thanks for loving me. And you're doing it perfectly." So amazing.
I love that crazy flamboyant man. He's gorgeous. haha

Today my mom had friends over. They're really nice and Darryl is hysterical. He spent the night singing and cracking jokes and dissing Sarah Palin.

I should do homework so me and CINDY (heehee) can hang out tomorrow and watch fun movies and buy Monster energy drinks and Skittles :)

lots of lovely love!


  1. I don't care. Don't let me effect what you write about.

  2. <33333333333333333 ADAM!!!!
    and post about it... dont be worried about it if it is something important to you. Its not that bad or anything anyways...

  3. I would but it's secret stuff :-/ sorry!!! i REALLY REALLY want to tell!!!