Friday, April 16, 2010

oh sweet baby jesus

today was insane.

This morning, my main thought was getting my goddamn math done. Turns out I didn't need too and I woke up insanely early for nothing. damn. Anyway, today at lunch.... Ok, I should start from the beginning.

Over srping break (last week) Pat asked me out. I said yes. We hung out once over break and damn he can kiss :P anyhoo, the day before we hung out, I saw carmen. She had just got out of rehab for the second time, and now she only smokes weed. Anyway, we went to see a movie and it was really hard for me to tell her I had someone else. Especially since she's recently single. I didn't tell anyone beside a few close friends about me and Pat (I just told Carmen that I was with someone, ommiting the name, which drove her crazy.) but today at lunch we went up to the attic (Pat's the techi so he has access to a lot of places normal people don't) and apperantly he forgot to close the door, and 'Max' and 'John' fucking walked in on us. So they start walking around and telling the whole damn school because it's so damn small. Unfortunately, the whole damn school includes my sister. One of my friends warned me that she knew and, since we were riding our bikes home, I avoided her. Me and my mom were driving back to school to get something I left, and I told her that we were together, since she would find out anyway. She took it surpriesingly well, because she knows Pat and she thinks he's pretty nice. Then we went to get ice cream which was the first thing I had eaten all day.
My dad just came home and my mom told him and he was like "She's not supposed to date." But my mom stuck up for me and told him he was being unreasonable to say that.

Anyway, today was day of silence and I went around with tye-dye blue and purple duct tape over my mouth almost the whole day. At one point I had five of my classmates (half of my class) doing it too, but me and Cindy (hahaha!) were the only ones who remained silent the whole day. Or school day, since I had to break it when I got out to call Alex, tell my mom and comnfront my sister.

And there's this SUPER cute senior who came like, right after spring break and he was in my photography class an dspent the whole time trying to get me to talk. At the end we were writing notes to eachother (only 'cuz I couldn't talk! *I* wasn't flirting!) and he gave me his # and I really want to get my phone back so I can text him, but I lied to my parents and they took her away.

What else has happened....

Leslie got back from hawaii. and Owl City is playing live here and I begged my parents to let me go but they wouldn't! grrr....

So this post is getting long, so I'm going to stop boring people and such.
Lots of love!

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  1. That was what I suspected... And I think that people were being really stupid about it...