Friday, April 23, 2010

Fuck... life.

Today my mom kept yelling at me and calling me a bitch so I called her a bitch and she slapped me, took away a lot of my things and wouldn't give me a ride to school. I had to walk in the rain, which made me hal fan hour late. And I walked in crying which was really pretty stupid cuz then I was like the center of attention which I didn't want at all at that moment.

At school it was pretty fun until now. We really didn't do anything all day except sit around on dog beds and make dirty jokes.

Then I went to Spanish (which I'm supposed to be doing now) and Pat is being a butt and he's like avoiding me or something and it makes me sad. :(

So yeah.... I still don't have my phone, but I expect it'll be gone until at least the end of school. Fuck.

ha I'm going to go before I start crying in the middle of class!

I love you all!

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