Friday, April 9, 2010

My terrifying mind

Please say i'm good enough.
Please stop making me doubt myself.
Please help me up,
instead of pushing me down.
Please don't break my heart again.
I couldn't stand the pain.

Scars are forever.
Love is only fleeting.
Broken hearts will mend.
Broken skin never lets you forget.
I'm sorry if i hurt you
The words are not meant to do so
But I cannot let you
Kill yourself over me
I love you
I promise i do
But please stop putting my name
into you hand
With a knife
Stop loving me
All i do is hurt.
Myself and everyone else.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
I promise.
But I cannot promise forever.

I don't mind if you blame me.
I don't mind if you get angry.
I don't even mind if you completely ignore what I was saying.
But what really hurts me,
is when I try to apologize
and wont forgive me.
I know you've never been the forgiving type,
but this is getting ridiculous.
I've said I'm sorry again
and again.
and again.
What else can I do?


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