Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Day 5: 10 wishes
1. That I still knew you
2. That I wasn't such a... bleh
3. That you would stop killing yourself
4. That she had told me sooner
5. That I had some fucking weed
6. That I wasn't sicky :(
7. That I knew what to do
8. That you give up
9. That I didn't have biology... or that my biology homework was done
10. That I could listen to music right now

So, lots have happened.

1. I thought Mara was going to break up with me
2. She didn't
3. Then she did
4. I was actually pretty okay with it
5. I ate a bunch of ice cream anyways
6. Then I ate chocolate
7. Then I took a bath
8. Then I went on Facebook
9. I started chatting with Scott
10. He told me he likes me and
11. I really like him but
12. Because of obvious reasons, I don't want to be in a relationship right now
13. I told him this
14. He was cool with it
15. Today has been kinda awkward.
16. I'm kinda confused.

BLEH! aaaaah haha

so I think what I'm gonna do is wait a while, maybe a few weeks and then talk to Mara. Cuz for some reason I feel really guilty about this whole thing even though it isn't my fault.

So eat cake
and fly

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