Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Today, I was texting one of my new friends I made at school, and I told her I was bi. She told me she was too, and we talked for a bit, then she asked me who i liked and i told her, and asked her who she liked and she said Hope (who, I admit, is gorgeous ^^) and then she said that she thought I was super gorgeous and it made me reaaaaaally happy because I kind of like her too but I didn't tell her and I kinda flirted with her and we talked about ex's and current boyfriends and we're both kinda in the same situation where we're not supposed to see or talk to our boys and shit (did I mention that in my last post?) but i'm doing better with it than she is 'cuz I wanted to break up with quin in the first place. any-who I kinda really like her a lot. :)

aaaaand.... thats it? only cuz I'm tired.
eat cake!

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