Wednesday, September 8, 2010


...I am way too tired to think. Even thought I have many many many things to say.

lets start with people i have been meeting!

Mayra- She's really cool and her family is really fucked up and today she tried giving a speech in English class about her father dealing drugs and how hard it is on the family and she burst out crying and couldn't finish it and I really really wanted to hug her but I couldn't until after class.

Cindy- She's cool. i used to like her but now I don't because.... i have a girlfriend! haha she's awesome though. Me and her and mara (not to be confused with mayra) hung out afterschool today. twas fun.

Gala- she's really cool. I can really be myself around her and I tell her a lot and she's really chill. :)

Jules- She's silly! haha she's really cool too and I love her. :)

MARA!!!!!! my girly ^^ I love her!!!!!! WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!! she's the best. ever. in the world. :)

in two days imma have my birthday party and in three days imma be 15!!! i'm stoked. haha

anyways. I must go sleep now.
eat cake.

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