Monday, September 27, 2010

If you so choose

Feel the vibrations dance through your veins. Feel the terror leap to your heart, clinging, gripping, holding on. Free your mind. Clear your life of all thought. Devoid of all good deeds, I come before you. Without sin, I stand before you. I am as new to this world as a child. I am as broken and decrepit and alone as we all are. Push me down again, if you so decide. Or simply let me slip through your fingers and destroy myself, as you know I will. This is your moment to play god. All you have worked towards is crumbling, and you know full well if I try to fly away, my wings will get caught in the tide. Now let my words be your world. Add the flow to your life. Pull the broken hearted down, push the stars away. This temptation colors your life in the most violent shades of red and blue and justice. Is that what you think of yourself? That's not at all what you are. Freak shows and fire are everything you know or want or need or feel or love. So fill blank slates I lay before your sons and daughters with images of your ideal world, then watch as they burn. See how I can crush your hopes and dreams and wishes and wants and needs with a single snap. Hold them in your heart, if you wish. Breathe the smoke of evolution, revolution, constitution, prostitution and lies. Inhale life once again.

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