Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Oh man. So much has happened. But first!

Day 6:10 items you can't live without
1. My cell phone
2. My computer
3. My radio
4. ipod
5. water
6. air
7. foods
8. painkillers
9. Anime
10. Manga

SO! stuff that has happened....

Last night I talked to Mara and I told her everything about Scott/Brandon and she said it was okay with her and so now I'm with Scott/Brandon. Who are the same person, by the way. He just has two names he goes by. And he's super cute.

So, I have nothing more to say. I think. Cause I'm fucking tired. Cause I stayed up till 3 and got up at fucking 5.
anrgy face.

so eat cake
and fly

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