Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Ok, really super quick post. I had other things planned but then I left and I won't be back for a while which means I wont have real computer access here. I mean, I have access but I'm at my Omi and Opa's so I feel kinda bad for using the computer even though I mostly shut myself away in my room and read or something.

So... um... What has been happening? I am ruining a lot of stuff and being selfish and stupid and unusually stubborn, but I'll write about that when I get back in two weeks.

I fucking hate it here. Everybody is so fake. They fake their perfect lives in their perfect houses that all look alike with their perfect spouses and perfect children and perfect jobs.... It drives me insane! Think Holden Caulfield or Margo Roth Spiegleman... If you've read those books.

I'm getting depressed again, but I'm trying really hard to keep my head above water. I don't want to drown again, like last year....

Or Carmen, if I chose to stick to her code name or whatever, but I've decided to kinda discard those because they confused me a tad bit. I'm still debating using CINDY though... (CUZ I LOVE YOU!!!!)

So Quin has been really incredibly flirty lately and last night he was telling me that no matter how many other people we see I'm still his.... I decided I'm just going to laugh it off and act like he's joking. I do NOT want to cheat on my Chucky. I love her a lot.

My temper has been really short, and it would take way too long to tell all of my arguments so I'm gonna do that in two weeks if I can remember them all!

Lots of love and I am not dead-ness!

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