Sunday, June 13, 2010

Almost good enough

But of course, I never am.

So... I'm still at my grand parent's. woo... I'm leaving in a week. Thank god.

So here's the main reason I wanted to post.

I was talking to Quin on Thursday and we were just flirting and such but he asked me what was on my mind and I told him that I was with Chucky who I love with my whole heart and I would never EVER cheat on her but I didn't want to just tell him to fuck off because I like him too. he said he was sorry for tempting me and I shouldn't have flirted back because I was sending him the wrong message and I told him I know and I apologized too and we talked a little about cheaters and players and we decided not to hang out any more because we're both really into each other and like I said I will NEVER EVER cheat on my Chucky. after a while he said "I think itd prolly be best if i jus didnt talk to you or see you.. im gonna try an vent.. bye cate goodluck.. tell tha fucker hes lucky for you.." and then I just broke down. I haven't talked to him since then and I really really REALLY fucking miss him and I've pretty much gone all depressed again but it's weird cuz... I should be happy. I should be glad I'm not tempted to even think about cheating on my Chucky but I feel guilty for hurting Quin and sad because I miss him like jesus fuck.... GAH!!!

What is wrong with me? Shouldn't I be happy? Why aren't I?


So other then that my stay here has been pretty.... bleh. I don't really do anything except hang out and watch FullMetal Alchemist (WHICH I TOTALLY RECOMEND!!!! If you're into annime....) and obbsessing over Colonel Roy Mustang and Uryu Ishida who are both amazing Anime Characters... I also read and listen to music. That's about it. I watched Alice in Wonderland again. Twice. That's like.... 5 times I've seen it.

I also realized that teenage boys are much more fun to hang out with than teenage girls. The girls are stupid and annoying, the boy are stupid and funny. :)

Hmmm... I have not much else to say. Ohyeah, conflicts mentioned in the last post have all been resolved and shit so yeah. Now good bye!

Aaaaand I love you!

P.S. Tell me what you think of the new colors. I like black and red and blue together, but yeah! <3

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  1. Im sorry hon, but once again, he is right... you will be okay, i promise.
    And the new colors are... brighter? haha, i like them just fine.
    Love you