Thursday, October 7, 2010

With tears in her eyes
She whispers “I’m fine.”
But you know she isn’t alright.

So try to get close
Say you love her the most
Maybe she won’t give up on life.

But if she pulls away
And tells you not to stay
She just wants you to be okay

Just try to be strong
Don’t let go; please hold on
Just be patient and wait day by day

With her fucked up mind
She wastes all her time
Bring herself so far down

So if you could lift her head
Better than being dead
Don’t give up on playing the right sound

When you’ve done the most
She won’t be just a ghost
She will shine like she once did

She will bloom like a flower
The most wonderful hour
She will no longer feel the need to be hid

I love you!
Eat cake!

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