Monday, October 18, 2010

Why won't they leave me alone?

my mind...
running circles.

People need to leave me the fuck alone right now. And stop telling me things I don't want to hear.

I don't care if you have feelings for me. I don't give a damn if this is it. I can't fucking let you go.

okay, people.

Jules-totally obvious she has a crush on me, but i'm pretending I don't know because, well, I don't have feelings for her like that.
Gala-I may possibly like her but I think I'm good with just being friends
Ashleigh-Somethng is up with her. She's not as.... close as we were. :(
Chucky-I'll admit, I'm not over her. at all. but it was for the best or whatever. But now we're flirting again and we keep talking about hanging out sometime and I'm pretty sure she's with someone and I can't handle another relationship like the last time again.... But i still love her. I don't want to hurt her. I need her to move on. Or for me to move on. FUCK!
Autumn-is kind of a bitchslut. she's w/ louis but she cheats on him allllll the time and she really likes me which makes things slightly awkward.
Louis-he's really nice and damn fiiiine but he was telling brandon that he wants to cheat on autumn because she does it all the time to him, or break up with her but today at lunch he was all over her. Then he was hitting on gala. What is going through his head? I have no clue.
brandon-I don't even know....
mara-I kind of dislike her now. She fucking cheated on Christian. really obviously too. oh, but of course she feels bad about it, and they're still fucking together. what the hell? She was sucking another dude's dick and he decides to turn a blind eye on that? growl. haha.Except that I don't dislike her. I still love her. FUCK!

I realize that last bit was rather hypocritical of me to be bitching about, but I don't really give a fuck. I honest to god have changed now and will NEVER cheat again. it's hell. too much worrying and shit.... ugh! ha

so, perhaps I should work on my very important paper? no. I am finished. Perhaps I should go to bed? no, I'm tired but I don't feel like sleeping. Perhaps I should watch Naruto or Deathnote? Oh man... descisions are hard. ^^
Either way imma go. prolly to watch Naruto. god i'm a dork... :-/
so eat cake
be a dork
and fly

ohmygawd! I just found VK on hulu! WIN!!!!!!
such a dork....

This was supposed to be posted last night at about midnight. But then my computer spazzed, so I had to do it today.

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