Thursday, November 25, 2010


I made a promise to myself, then I said it out loud. I told somebody. That was the first time I've ever kept a promise to myself. I didn't break it. :)

I guess it wasn't only for myself. It was partially for someone else but I feel like it was more for me than them. but it doesn't matter. I won't break it. I won't. Promise. :)

So, today is Thanksgiving. I was gonna go out of town but then there was a blizzard warning so we didn't. blizzard my ass! heavy snow and winds for two or so hours. We only got like, four inches of snow! But anyway, I ended up staying in Utah. Which sucks.
I'm not going to do one of those cheesy 'what I'm thankful for' things, but I just want to mention a few people and why I'm thankful for them specifically.

Elsa-You make me laugh :)
Sydnie-You also make me laugh and I can tell you anything ^^
Anton-You opened my eyes so much. Thank you.
Alex-You make my life better in so many ways. I love you soooo fucking much.

Ha yeah. Sorry for being cheesy. I'll stop now. :)

I've got two essays I need to write before Monday but I have absolutely no motivation to do so. Even though I'd fail English and Biology if I don't. Shit. And I'm freaking sick but I can't miss anymore school cuz I've already missed too much. BLEH!!!!


I am kinda completely in love with Adam Lambert so here are some songs of his. God, that boy is sexy.

Super trippy. I wanna watch it while I'm high. :)

David Bowie+Adam Lambert ^^

Now for his own music videos.

this always makes me cry. It reminds me of too much...

This is a really popular song at my school. It's played at all the dances. :)I really love the rocker mad hatter style he's got in the video ^^

This also reminds me of sad things, but it's a really upbeat awesome song. This was his first MV he did too :)

I'm not a huge fan of this video, but whatever. It still has Adam in all his sexyness in it. So it's okay. :)

Okay, it's not Adam Lambert but it's still fa~abulous.

Haha funny. Posting has made me feel a better. :)

I'm done now.
Don't eat turkey!
It's really gross.
You can eat cake, though.
And fly.

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