Thursday, July 29, 2010

fun stuff :)

Today has been fabulous :D

I snuck out of my house at midnight and I walked down to the Westminster college campus and met up with my yummy Quin (he cut his hair and it's all short and curly and adorable ^^) and then we hung out and smoked a bit and such and it was fun :)

Then I got home about... 1:00? and I fell asleep and maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was high, but I had a fabulous dream :D

So, I have been really busy with theater but I'm super excited to go shopping with my lovely anton and then go see a crappy local band concert.... haha it will be fun.
That's also my sister's birthday. she is turning 16 in 2 days... it's kinda odd...

I turn 15 in a month and two weeks :D I'm excited!

I really love my theater group. it's me, Autumn (an AWESOME girl whose going to school with me next year) Annie, (a tiny asian chick whose really dramatic and awesome) Vannessa (dumb blonde, but really sweet) Jaxon and Josh who both have a crush on me I think... it's awkward since I really don't like either of them like that. Today me Jaxon and Autumn were doing a scene and I was filming and Jaxon put on one of those trash covers and he was pretending to be someone dressed up like R2D2but he ended up looking like a giant dildo XD

Also, today was one of my other YTU friend's bday so we all went down to The Pie and ate food and I made a cake for her and we tried being clean but it failed epically and I was super ninja and caught it before it killed Autumn's pants and it was awesome.

And even the bitchy teacher was nice to me! YAY!!!! :D

Eat cake!

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