Sunday, January 9, 2011

What happens when I try to sleep.

Once upon a time there was a young girl named cate. One night, cate couldn't sleep so she started counting sheep. However, she got distracted by how silly the sheep were, she she took them up into the mountains and lived with them. Then one day, a hungry wolf came along. He tried to eat one of the sheep, but cate caught him. She would have killed him, but she thought wolves were really cute, so she tamed him instead. He kept watch over cate and all her little sheep while they slept at night. Then, one day, an evil hunter came along! He wanted to kill the sheep and the wolves, but cate wouldn't ever let such things happen! She attacked the hunter and kicked his butt. Her and her sheep and her wolf lived happily, until a evil bear came along one day! They ran from it as fast as they could and hid in a cave until it left. Since then, they lived happily ever after!

I can't get on youtube, but the song for today is I'm still breathing by Katie Perry.

Good bye!
eat cake!
And fly!

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