Monday, January 3, 2011

fun stuff

That's the song for yesterday. It's got no real significance, except that I feel like being a bit of a bitch. Long story. Anyway, I went to Elsa's yesterday because she FINALLY got back from Brazil. I didn't post yesterday because I passed out as soon as I got home. At her house, though, there was Anton (yay!) and My sister (kinda awkward at times) and Elsa (of course) Fiona and Amanda. Amanda is like, the cutest, sexiest, most fuckable dyke I've EVER MET! I wanted to strip her down and... yeah right there but... I didn't. haha. Fiona seemed pretty nice and she was definitely someone I'd be able to get along with easily.

That's the song for today.

I hate being back at school. BLEH! I'm pretty much passed out right now and I don't want to go to either Spanish or Biology. Spanish 'cuz I didn't do the big assignment and Biology 'cuz I never wanna go there. It's the worst. haha. At least today has been pretty easy. I've been in Geography, English and Math so far and I got homework in all but I finished Geography and Math in class and English is really easy.

So that's possibly it? Oh yeah! I can't post at home 'cuz my father took away my computer privileges and I think he thinks he shut down my Facebook but no way in hell am I letting him do that again. So yeah. :)

Adios, to you!
eat cake
and fly

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