Tuesday, December 14, 2010


That's how my life is right now. I'm happier than I've been in SUCH a long time. Funny, even though I have no texting and my home internet connection has been cut, I am in an amazingly amazing mood.
Anton and I started talking again kind of. I know it's not going to be as good as before, but it was nice to be able to carry out a semi-normal conversation with him.

((random thought: Bobby just walked by and he smells like cigarettes, which is a smell I have come to love, even though cigarettes themselves taste na-asty))

I'm hella relapsing today. I got so fucking high with Bri, Sarahi, Jack, Jade and Desi. I love 'em all. Except Desi. he pisses me off.
But I shotgunned a few times with Jack (Where the guy takes a hit then passes it to the girl mouth-to-mouth) and then he kept bugging me to make out with him and I kept refusing until Sarahi offered me the rest of her bud to do it so I did and then we smoked the rest then we ran around downtown and it was hella fun but then I got home and ate a shit ton and then showered (which is super intense to do while high) and then finshed watching Kekaishi (totally recommend! If you're in to Anime...)and then I completely crashed without doing any homework. Oops! Oh well.

WOAH! it's already fourth period. Today's going by hella fast! Add another 50 to my happy points! heehee!

And that's what's up in my fabulous life :)
So, eat cake!
And fly!!! ^^

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