Thursday, December 9, 2010


I really love Coldplay. Lots. They are quite fabulous. :)

So, I'm reading BlackCat right now (the manga) and Basically this super rich chick bought a T-Rex. I wish I could get one. That'd be super sick. :)

Um... Yes. Things have happened. But I'm so tired and my brain isn't working so I don't know what to say. Let's see...

I don't really like Jake anymore, nor do I like Jack and Ashleigh is being a bitch and... yeah. Karina is kinda annoying me. But that's okay. :)

I got my phone taken away from me. Because I'm a super nice daughter.

And I am not at all a whore. Just saying.

Like I said, my brain isn't working so I apologize for having such a shitty post today. I may or may not post a better one soonly? We shall see.

So eat lots of cake.
And fly!

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