Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh dear lord...

Hello, friends! :)

So, last week was the last week of YTU (tears!) so I was busy with performances and stuff. On Wednesday, the plays were It's a Good Life, Charlie Brown which was slightly terrible but one of my friends was in it and she was pretty good, then there was The Crucible, which was incredibly depressing, but Ben was in it and so was a super sexy German. It was really awesome. Then they put on Exit the King which was hysterical but then it got really depressing and freaky really fast... So it was good :) The next night they did plays that I don't remember Then the last night, my group performed and did very well, according to people, and the it was Hamlet which had most of my friends in it, including my new gay bff (sorry Anton! I still love you with all my heart!)and then there was some stupid thing with vampires and werewolves, which I didn't see (thank god) and then a creepy musical, a play about censorship that was freaking hilarious and the melodrama which was some funny cheesy detective comedy thing :)

So after the plays on Thursday and Wednesday some of us got Andrew and Laurent to make out for chocolate and I got a video the second time and they were super into it and I think they should get together. but the second night we were all really caught up in the moment and I ended up making out with Ben's girlfriend and Ben was right there and it was slightly awkward at first but then he hugged me and told me i'd made his life complete. They are an odd couple. Anyways, at the afterparty on Friday we started making out again and Ben took pictures this time and put them on Facebook (after asking us both if it was okay and making the pics only visable to me, him and Alex.) But then my parents read through my texts and got fairly pissed (not as much as I would have thought) and all they really did was dissable my Facebook. I wouldn't even mind that much but that was the only way I could contact my elsa bear TEARS!

On Saturday, I went to a goodbye party for one of my YTU friends who was moving too Portland and it was pretty boring until Aaron put a grapefruit down his pants on a dare and couldn't get it out. Then when he finally got it out (only after Annie took some really funny pics) he chucked it into the street and it broke and Kirby tried to throw it at him and ended up hitting me which kinda turned into an epic grapefruit battle. Twas very fun.

So on Thursday, I found out that Quin was busted for something and he is now under house arrest or something like that and it pissed me off quite a bit, I don't exactly know why, but I decided that I'm going to stay with Chucky instead.

So now I am done.
Eat cake.
I love you!

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