Monday, August 30, 2010

The little dog's emotions

They are his own. You cannot control his laughter. :)

He would say he was okay
He would always lie this way
He had always felt so lost
He forgot he had a heart
He wanted someone to help
He didn't know it was okay to ask
He wished he knew
He wondered what he was and who
He thought death would end the pain
He didn't know people would feel that way
He was gone, they were sad
He'd hurt them oh so bad
He didn't even want to know
He just got lost in the flow
He's now gone, and her heart aches
He thought he was stopping the breaks
He had just caused more pain
He just made it rain, rain, rain
He would say he was okay
He would always lie this way
He always felt so lost
He'd forgot he had a heart

You can use me
You can't break me
You can play me
You can't fake me
You can try me
You can't take me
You can kick me
You can't shake me
You can hold me
You can't do me
You can lie to me
You can't fool me
You can touch me
But not truly
You can order me
You can't rule me
You can tell me
You can't show me
You can ask me
You can't know me
You can push me
You can't throw me
You can help me
You can't grow me
I am weak
I am strong
I let go
I hold on
I break down
I move on
I am still here
But I'm long gone

Now, poems by a Salamander! They are truly amazing. :)

"this isn't my form."
"i don't know. I need to know. I don't belong."
"you do. You always do. You make the other children jealous"
"i don't mean to. They are just slower"
"slower to dream?"
"slower to dream, slower to see..."
"slower to be."
"lost in wonderland..."
"you have not your mind."
"seeing the branches..."
"finding your kind."
"always the sun."
"always a thief."
"casting a shadow."
"beyond belief."

Thick strobe-lights invade my space
A frightening myth by the human race
Heaven calls to me and says
"please come, for now you're dead
You must think it's just your head
But i assure you, you are quite dead"
"no!" i say, and i say it well
"i'm leaving now, i shall not dwell!
Leave me be, with all your light,
You frighten me, beyond the quite!"
"fine, you blibbering blabbering swine!
Without you, we'll do just fine.
So float around in outer-space,
Ignore your kind
And creed
And race!
Goodbye forever, tiny being,
Just try and go without meaning!"
Luminescent, terrible
Heaven's just unbearable
Heaven, heaven,
Go away
Don't come back
Another day.

I see these branches bare,
And wild eyes--blue and fair
I feel the wind off beating wings
And striking plumage made for kings
But most of all i feel the soul
The shake and hum and baw and roll
Ragmatical like this and that
Wild as an avadat

A bird of such stature
The great fly-catcher
By the body-snatcher
Taken by a strange obsession
To say words with such aggression
Repeat again
Say it to the wind my friend
Took her hold
As i was told
Oh so cold

They were for a school project we did and they are fabulous. :)

Any-who, lots have happened. I started school! It's actually quite fun. I've been making friends pretty easily like I always do, I'm struggling in math, like I always do... MEH! haha

Me and chucky broke up *tear tear*. but that's okay, I guess.

I don't want to be with quin any more but the only times I can see him are once a week on thursdays when I visit realms. BLEH!

I'm too tired to think right now. :)

eat cake.

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